Our Goal

Broadhead Power Sports (“BPS”) is a family owned business that focuses on the power sports industry with our dealership centered around premium and authentic brands, and those brands that are on the cutting edge of technology.  Our goal is to create a special connection with our customers and to drive a retail destination experience that has a community feel and a place they can call home.  The motorcycle community has always been a special and close knit one, and one that very few industries can match.  It doesn’t matter what your background is, your economic status, gender, etc., once you are on a bike you are part of a community that will always be there for each other, and BPS wants to bring that same community feel to the inside of our dealerships.

Our mission is to focus on building a strong community and long term loyalty within the San Diego power sports community; with our core focus on driving brand awareness and adding brand strength locally. We feel we can accomplish this through building sustainable and long term relationships with our customers, and our vision, strategy, goals and tactics are all built around attaining this. Our core values are based on honestly, integrity, loyalty, trust and best in class service at every level.

We want to bring the community and experiential feel into the motorcycle industry, and whether you are buying your first bike or your fifteenth, we want the feeling to be the same for you each and every time.  As a dealer we have the fortunate benefit of helping people create and live out their dreams.  I remember the first time I bought a motorcycle, and right after I signed the paperwork I was asked to ring the bell. It was one of those once in a lifetime feelings, and I remember thinking that I had just checked off one of the items from my bucket list. It was an indescribable feeling and those who have experienced it know exactly how it feels.  We want our customers riding away feeling the exact same way every single time you visit our experiential dealership. We will strive to be the destination spot by offering weekly social gatherings; airing the big event; sponsoring local riding clubs and being a destination for them to hold meetings and rides; and many more.  Our goal is to have our dealership feel more like home than a transactional business.

Why Premium & Authentic Brands?

In a market in which brand is a critical purchasing criterion, it is important that a dealer both protect the brand and its authenticity, but also help grow the brand at every turn.  Today’s consumer knows that you can’t buy character, you build it, and every time a rider throws a leg over a motorcycle in our dealership, we want to ensure they are helping to build the brand they are riding.  We don’t want to be another “me too” multi-line dealer that carries several brands or has a dealership filled with motorcycles, aka “a sea of handlebars”.  We only want to focus on brands that have the authenticity and premium feel, and our goal will be to preserve it at all cost.  Having an opportunity to be part of iconic, as well as brands on the cutting edge of technology is important for us, and our success will come in large part from the continued success of the brands and the commitment from our brand partners.  Our plans and in store presence will have a heavy focused around brand and history, and we will leverage the brand’s strength to drive our operating and marketing plans.  Our dealership floor will always have a premium feel to it, and when we are asked the question on why we focus on premium and authentic brands, the answer is always an easy one.  Our dealership will always be premium and authentic with our customers at all times, so we only want to partner with brands with like minded thinking.  We feel that we have accomplished this with the brands we carry, and we feel very fortunate to be partners with such great brands, brands that are genuine, authentic, and premium.