My passion for motorcycles started at an early age with riding dirt bikes and ATV’s. Because of collegiate sports and my career, my motorcycle passion was put on hold and I did not get on a bike for another 35+ years, after a health scare pushed me back on one. As one typically does after such a scare, I revisited my passions and priorities, and with the blessing from my family I purchased my first ever street bike and was living out my dream.

Once I got entrenched into the riding community and getting to know the local dealerships it became very apparent to me that I wanted to own a motorcycle dealership, and specifically a dealership only focused on premium brands and brands that had a high technology and sustainability focus. When I bought my first bike I did not know much about the various brands or bikes. It wasn’t until I rented a premium branded bike while on vacation with my family that I was exposed to a premium brand that had a heavy focus on the customer and their experience and I immediately knew the type of brands that I wanted to be a part of.  What intrigued me about these type of brands was the iconic looks, the authenticity, the heritage, and most important to me, was the brand’s clear focuses on a consumer first approach. Over the years I looked at many different businesses and brands to buy, but for me, the most important thing is I wanted to be a part of something special and with a brand that cares about their customers, and will take a long-term approach with everything they do. With my experience in running and working with brands over the last 25 years, I know the importance of authenticity and staying true to the brand.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At Broadhead Power Sports, we believe the company’s statements and views around their mission, vision and values will be critical to their overall success. With a lot of companies, their mission, vision and values end up being words on a sheet of paper and at some point they can get off course from them.  We believe that your mission, vision and values starts at the top, and must be adopted and lived in by everyone in the organization.

Our Mission (Why We Exist):

To combine community and experiential retail within the power sports industry, by providing consumers with memorable experiences and driving a consumer first mindset in everything we do.

Our Vision (What We Strive to Accomplish):

To help drive brand strength and and loyalty through a transformation of the power sports industry into a consumer centric model that drives community and consumer experience above all else, and to create long-term sustainable relationships and connections with our customers and brands.

Our Values (What We Stand For):

Our core value as an organization will be about obsessing our customers in everything we do. We live by 5 Pillars:

Ethics - We will live and act with ethical behavior with and for our customers.
Trust - We will act in a way to gain their trust.
Honesty - We will be honest with everything we do and in every step of the process.
Loyalty - We will keep our commitments and drive continued loyalty with our customers.
Community - We will strive to create a community that we engage with regularly and in all aspects of the life cycle.

These will be our guiding pillars that will drive everything we do, and we will never discriminate or be exclusive in any way.