Our Retail Experience

At BPS our number one focus is our customers and creating the best experience possible for them.  Our goal is to have you coming back and making our dealership a regular destination for you and your friends.  The first thing you will notice is our premium feel and our commitment to bring this same premium experience to our customers.  Whether you want to demo a new bike, get a new part for your bike, or just hang out at our customer lounge counter, we are committed to making your experience a first class one at every turn. 


We are strong believers in technology and our customers will experience the best and latest technology throughout our showroom.  With a mix of our knowledgeable and helpful staff, coupled with having information at your fingertips, you will know every aspect about our products and be the most knowledgeable you can be prior to your purchase.  We believe that a well informed customer ends up being a happy one and it also help to build trust with our dealership and our staff.  Being a trusted resource to our customers is one of our biggest goals and is a top mission for our company.     

Hanging out while your bike is getting detailed or service will never be the same once you have visited our dealership.  Our customer lounge counter will always keep you connected with complimentary I-pads and computers for your use, or if you want to watch our service department at work you can through our customer service viewing window. We want your experience with us to always be a pleasant one, and our customers can always count on an experience that will have them wanting to come back each week. We also know our customers have busy lives, so we offer complimentary concierge pick-up and drop off services for all your needs.  If you like to wait while your bike is serviced or cleaned, then we will make sure you always stay connected for work, play or entertainment with our complimentary I-pads and computers as noted above.  Our customer lounge counter will always be stocked with fresh food, snacks, beverages and the best coffee and espresso options that you desire.  As with our entertainment and electronic devices, it will always be complimentary for our customers.

Our goal is to drive in store traffic in a variety of ways, and to create a community feel and experience with the dealership. Whether it is creating a great atmosphere for our customers that are waiting for service, the complimentary food and beverages, watching the big sporting event together, etc., we want are customers and general walk in traffic to always have a special experience and connection with the dealership.

There are certain in-store retail experiences (like Apple for instance) that are a truly one of a kind, and regardless of how many times you have been to that store, it always feels amazing and fun. We don’t expect to be an Apple store, but we can aspire to have and create similar experiences for our customers by having constant engagement with them; energy amongst the staff and in the dealership (someone will always be greeted or acknowledged within 60 seconds of entering, regardless of how busy we are); proper staffing (and properly trained staff); happy employees who love what they do; constant entertainment in the dealership; regular classes and how to seminars, etc.

Consumers tend to trust brands that create great and memorable experiences and a community feel. When a customer purchases a motorcycle from us, we want it to be a special experience for them, one that they will remember for life, regardless if it is their first or their sixth time. We have specific plans that will make their purchase something they will never forget, including a post purchase package that will always remind them of this special event; celebrations for their birthday and anniversary of the first bike purchase; etc.

We plan to create a showroom floor that is a premium experience for the consumer. The first thing we will do is to maintain the showroom in a layout that is the most customer friendly and presents a premium brand feel.  We have a first class customer lounge that is a cutting edge and an amazing experience for our customers.