We want to change the power sports industry completely, in all all aspects, and shift it directly towards the consumer while we drive the brand strength and authenticity with our partners.  There are a lot of areas we don’t feel are consumer friendly today, and our customers can always count on the brands in our dealership will always be brands that think similarly and put the customer first with everything they do.  Whether it comes in the form of their R&D, the way they price their line, how authentic and true they are as a brand, etc., we believe in the brands that we carry continue to live with a consumer first mindset that aligns with our mission and goals as a dealership.  

We want to create a wholistic ecosystem where power sport enthusiasts know they have a trusted place to go for all their needs, or if they just want to socialize with their friends, family or even our friendly staff.  We also feel this industry should be accessible to everyone, respect the roots and heritage, and value the men and women who make sacrifices for us each and every day.  We also work closely with many charitable and non profit organizations to bring our experience and the power sports industry to those who don’t always have access to it, or can benefit from it.


Today’s consumer expects more from their retail experience. No longer is big and small box retail places of transaction, people have become conditioned to transacting online due to the ease of it. Retail destinations have become more about the experience and motorcycle dealerships are set up well to be successful for this trend. Dealerships have long been a place for bikers and groups to connect at. Having a sound strategy and plan that combines an effective online/social strategy with an in-store experiential and transactional strategy, and the result can result in strong consumer lifetime value and longevity. At our dealerships, we want the experience to become a special one, and a destination that is more than just a shopping experience.  Whether it is our community feel, the the family friendly atmosphere, the constant entertainment, or the weekly in-store and parking lot events, our customer experience in store will always be a special one and we hope our customers will be regular visitors that will enjoy each other’s and the staff’s time together.  Click to find out more about our in store experience in the Our Experience section.