We want to change the power sports industry completely, in all all aspects, and shift it directly towards the consumer.  There are a lot of areas we don’t feel are consumer friendly today.  From the way the process starts at the big manufacturers and down to the dealers, to the in store experience and after store experience when you need help for your bike, etc., it is all broken today and not very friendly to you and I.

We want to create a wholistic ecosystem where power sport enthusiasts know they have a trusted place to go for all their needs, or if they just want to socialize with their friends, family or even our friendly staff.  We also feel this industry should be accessible to everyone, and we work closely with many charitable and non profit organizations to bring our experience and the motor sports industry to those who don’t always have access to it.

The final piece is we want to help change is the stigma or stereotype associated with motorcycles.  A lot of people still associate motorcycles with “outlaw groups” or “biker gangs” or think that you have to have tattoos, long hair (I am proof that you don’t need this part), blue collar, etc.  Times are changing, and today’s new riders are trending towards middle and upper middle class and a large population of them are female riders.  Some call it a new biker subculture or a contemporary motorcycling subculture, but we like to think of it as the biker universe is growing and the different cultures and communities are coming together and this will sustain for many years. Our vision is to build on this and make it stronger by adding in the family, charity, and community aspects in a stronger way, and together create the biggest consumer 1st driven industry that defines the retail landscape model.

Retail Experiential Destination

At our power sports dealerships we want your experience to become a special one, and a destination that is more than just a shopping experience.  Whether it is our community feel, the the family friendly atmosphere, the multiple tv’s playing the big game or fight, or the weekly in-store and parking lot events, your experience in store will always be a special one and our customers will be regular visitors to enjoy each other’s and the staff’s company.

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